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5 of my favourite places to eat in Liverpool

Another week has gone by and I’m still no closer to finishing my dissertation or attaining that perfect summer beach body. I just love food. I mean I’m trying, I’ve switched out fizzy drinks for water with lemon slices and mint leaves and I’m cutting down on the carbs. So as long as I’m trying that’s what counts, right? As for the dissertation…well that’s for me to think about tomorrow. Or the next day… Anyway with trying to cut down plus being absolutely broke because it’s not pay day, I’ve started my monthly dreams of what food I can treat myself to come tomorrow. The holy day. The day of riches. The day I’m a millionaire before I spend the rest of the month poverty stricken. You’ve got to love that student life! Anyway this got me thinking, seen as I published 5 of my favourite places to drink in Liverpool, it only seems fair that I get the food covered too, right? Liverpool’s food scene has exploded over the past year with so many cool places opening on what seems to be a weekly basis. So if I don’t cover any cult favourites I probably haven’t tried them or they don’t have many options that cater for me. Speaking of options, obviously the places I’m about to mention do amazing vegan and vegetarian friendly food BUT I do also have primarily meat eating friends, family and an occasional meat eater boyfriend so don’t you worry meat-eaters, I’m sure you’ll love these places too! Anyway, in no particular order, let’s get started!

Lunya, 18-20 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DS Lunya.co.uk

Image via Liverpool Echo

Where to begin with Lunya? Well firstly Lunya is a Catalonian tapas restaurant with enough dishes to please even the fussiest of eaters. Now for my vegan friends I will point out, Lunya likes their meat. Inside Lunya has split the ground floor level into a deli and restaurant/bar. The deli does have cured meats on display. However they do also provide numerous vegan and vegetarian dishes that are super tasty. I tend to come here with my parents as they’re not vegan or vegetarian so there is enough dishes to please all of us. I also like the olives that you can pack yourself at the deli and they offer two varieties of Estrella, which is like one of my favourite beers ever,  cause you know I’m a classy lady.

Mowgli, 69 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ Mowglistreetfood.com

Image via mowglistreetfood

Indian food is one of my favourite cuisines which I can thank my Dad for. Growing up, when we had takeaway nights, it was  always his first choice. I would never want to pretend that I didn’t eat meat growing up because I did. My favourite dish was always lamb saag with mushroom pilau rice. When I made my lifestyle change I just avoided Indian food because I didn’t really know what choices were available to me. I’d never even heard of Indian street food until Mowgli popped on the scene with not only tons of choices but…a seperate vegan menu! I can not stress how good the food at Mowgli is. I could literally eat their Bhel Puri alllllll day. Infact, even thinking of it now is making me hungry and I only just ate. Their drinks menu is impressive and they offer milk alternatives for coffee. The atmosphere is amazing and the fact that the place is usually always full is testament to how good their service is.

The Egg Cafe, 16-18 Newington, Liverpool, L1 4ED eggcafe.co.uk

Left image via Yelp and middle via @theeggcafe

Egg cafe. The holy grail of vegan and vegetarian cafes in Liverpool. Well at least one of the more popularly known anyway. Egg Cafe is completely vegan and vegetarian friendly and offers everything from cheese on toast to vegan roast dinners and cakes. Situated in a loft style space on Renshaw Street, Egg cafe oozes creativity with its art hangings and painted walls. Again this is a place that is always busy and the food is sooo good it doesn’t even scare off meat eaters (I’m looking at you Jamie!) In terms of recommendations it definitely has to be the tandoori mushrooms which are pictured above. They ooze flavour and (once again looking at you Jamie) so tasty, they even leave meat eaters craving them.

Wahaca, 24 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DS wahaca.co.uk

Left image via Liverpool Echo

I mentioned earlier that Indian food is one of my favourite cuisines. When it comes to my all time favourite though it would have to be Mexican food. I just love the spices and rich flavours. And also because Mexican food is a cheap, easy dinner idea for a house full of students. I love Wahaca’s interior design and their rooftop terrace cocktail bar just screams summer. Their cocktails are also to die for and they do an amazing Horchata! I’ll admit one thing though, I’ve not been to Wahaca since I made the switch from Vegetarian to Vegan. Although they do offer a ton of meat free dishes, most include cheese. I guess vegans would have to be creative and maybe request dishes sans cheese. However, their rooftop cocktail bar and decor is cute enough to justify a visit in itself.

Maray, 91 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HF maray.co.uk

Left image via Liverpool Echo and right image via designmynight

I feel like tapas food is a common theme within this post. I’ll say it’s my parents fault because that’s the only type of food we ever have as a family anymore when we eat out. Not that I don’t like it, I mean you either have one big dish and risk not liking it or you can eat at a tapas restaurant and have 3 small dishes so that it doesn’t really matter if one doesn’t tickle your tastebuds. Maray, like Lunya & Wahaca, is a tapas style restaurant. Once again their cocktails are amazing (I promise I’m judging these places on food although cocktails also seem to be a running theme) and their falafels are some of the nicest I’ve ever tasted. It’s all in the blog name really, falafelsandchat, falafels are the key to my heart! There is tons of choice for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike and all vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu. I love the decor and atmosphere in Maray and, like Mowgli, the fact that Maray is usually busy proves what a good job they do.

I know I said this was a list of 5 but then I remembered this little gem and felt so guilty for forgetting about it and I’m nice, so one more just for you guys…

Crust, 25 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4DN crustliverpool.co.uk

Left image via scouseveg

How could I forget about Crust?! Honestly, it’s probably my favourite out of this list. If not my favourite then definitely in the top 3. I’ve actually posted about Crust before which you can read here in my St.Patrick’s Day blog post. I would argue that Crust offers some of the best pizza in Liverpool. They’re home to the black dough pizza which is made from vegetable charcoal that supposedly has great effects on your body. The vegetable charcoal that is, not the pizza but hey we can all dream. Crust offer vegan cheese with a supplementary cost of £1.50 which I honestly don’t mind paying. Now don’t get me wrong I know the cheese on my pizza (middle) doesn’t look as good as the cheese on the right, but it’s vegan and it tastes amazing. Don’t judge a pizza by its looks but by its taste! Their pizzas are all freshly made and the tomato sauce base is one of the nicest pizza sauces I have ever tasted. The staff are so friendly and helpful which is always a nice bonus when eating out. Next time you’re on Bold Street, which as you can tell from this post is rapidly becoming a food haven, and you’re craving pizza you know where the goods are at!

*Unless stated, all pictures are my own.

I’m a big foodie so there is tons of places I could have added to this list but honestly I’m too lazy to review 10 places and I’m sure you’d get bored! As always I love to hear what you think- have you tried any of these places? Do you love them? Maybe you disagree with me? Also if you have any suggestions of where offers great vegan food please let me know! WordPress users can comment in the box below or you could follow me/ let me know what you think via:

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All vegans are crazy [+why I made the switch]

From my experiences that is an opinion I hear echoed through the meat eaters of society. Before I jump into this blog post entirely let me first just point out how false that statement is. Don’t get me wrong there are some vegans who are ‘crazy’, but there are meat eaters and various other members of society who are ‘crazy’ too. I mean throwing that word around has tons of negative influence towards the mental health movement and it kind of insults people who do suffer with mental health issues but right now that’s a whole different debate entirely. Vegans may seem ‘crazy’ to you but to me I can’t think of anything more crazy than willingly supporting the oppression of innocent, sentient beings who have thoughts, feelings and a central nervous system just like you. Would you like your dog or your cat to be impregnated against their will? Have their children ripped away from them moments after birth? Have their male offspring simply put straight through a grinder because they’re not valuable enough to justify their upkeep? Be hung upside down and watch their fellow species have their throats slit knowing they’re next? No you wouldn’t because that would make you an immoral person if you did and you should really question your desire to own a pet if that’s the case. Now I want to emphasise that I’m not out to convert people. I don’t have any issues with people who eat meat as you can read about in my similar blog post here. I just wanted to present the other side to the story as opposed to vegans being labelled as aggressive and ‘crazy’.

When I first began this blog I was in the phase of transitioning from vegan to vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong I had slip ups, I’ll admit that. I don’t think that makes me a bad person because it just motivated me even more to keep what I was eating in check. I think the biggest mistake I made was trying to jump straight from a meat eating diet into veganism. There may be vegans who have done this straight away and for them would say ‘it’s easy’ but just like quitting nicotine, our SAD diet is addictive to our bodies. Dairy is addictive, it’s something the majority of us have spent most of our lives consuming. As long as people keep their end goal in mind, that end goal being vegan, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking it in steps. Pesketarian, vegetarian and then vegan. Do what you need to do to get there and not just get there, stay there.

Educate yourself too. Honestly for me that was the best decision I made. I’d always wanted to eat vegetarian but as a kid my willpower wasn’t that strong. As I got older I desensitised myself to meat, I made myself think of it as a seperate thing to the living animal it once was. I couldn’t bear chopping up chicken breasts or even handling any meat raw- that was left to my boyfriend. Likewise I have always been anti fur and anti testing on animals for cosmetic reasons. I just realised one day that I was a walking contradiction. I couldn’t think some things were wrong and continue to support the meat and dairy industry. So I tried to go vegan and I watched bits of films such as earthlings but I couldn’t stomach watching the torture that ensued. So I went vegan and I ended up slipping and eating dairy again, essentially eating a fully vegetarian diet. I knew that wasn’t good enough so I forced myself to watch the documentaries, educate myself with literature and seminars and honestly now? I couldn’t even dream of eating meat or consuming dairy again. For me forcing myself to watch the videos was the best thing I could have ever done and I think if you’re trying to go vegan it’s something you should make yourself do. It’s not nice and it’s not easy to watch but ultimately if it helps you stand up to the oppression and slaughter of innocent animals then why shouldn’t you watch?

As always I’d love to know what you think. Have you made the transition? What was it that made you say enough is enough? Leave your comments below or contact me through the tab at the top ^^^

You can read my similar post ‘The problem with going vegan is…’ here.

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– Abbie

The thing about having an active boyfriend when you’re…less active

Is that he will assume that you are at the same level of fitness as him…and actually enjoy it- insert straight, disgruntled face.

So since last Thursday I’ve been on spring break (woo!). I know this usually means travelling or having a break but my pay day is the 23rd of every month so up until yesterday I was broke as anything. While I wanted to window shop or bribe my boyfriend into buying us takeaway he had other ideas. 

See when he said oh why don’t we go the Lake District with our friend and his girlfriend who’s visiting from Australia, I expected a little stroll through Bowness. A meal in my favourite restaurant in Ambleside (Zefferelis- Italian and vegetarian!) and maybe just the one glass of wine for me at a quaint little pub. He couldn’t as he was driving but meh I’m the passenger after all!

Under strict orders to be ready to leave by 9 I woke up, drunk tons of coffee and got dressed in my usual attire of dress, tights and flats. Weather weren’t looking too great so I put on my duffel coat and packed my tote bag while my boyfriend went to pick up our friends. My first warning sign should have been when I left my apartment to meet them and everyone was dressed in sports attire. My boyfriend and our friend do this thing called tricking (kind of like parkour meets martial arts) and his girlfriend is a gymnast so I just put it down to this is how they all dressed casually.

I fall asleep in the car, typical me style, and wake up two hours later to them discussing a mountain trail- warning sign no.2! Again I just brush it off and we arrive in Bowness. I love visiting Lake Windemere but it is definitely more beautiful of a summer time, with the weather being so dismal I couldn’t help thinking I was in a landscape from Fallout 4. We grabbed a coffee and sat down to watch the swans and birds.


Someone mentioned grabbing lunch to get our energy up- warning sign 3! I’m a massive foodie so I was like yeah please! First thing I realised here is I should have brought my own packed lunch! Maybe we tried to eat too early- not a lot of places were open or maybe I just let the meat eaters guide the way but the choice for vegetarians and vegans was shocking! The place we ate at was nice enough but I literally was only able to eat two starters which would have to serve as a main- hoummous & pitta bread and potato wedges. Now call me ungrateful but sometimes I am sick to death of hoummous, we do eat other things you know! I really wasn’t feeling it so with my fingers crossed asked what the soup of the day was and if it had any dairy in it. It was broccoli and vegan YES! It even came with half a sandwich which I gave to my boyfriend because it was cheese and pickle. The meat eaters all got burgers that I must admit, if I were a meat eater still I’d be impressed with. But mine. Oh mine. The soup was watery, pretty bland and tasted like it was fresh out a can. I laughed as I gave my boyfriend my sandwich which was slathered in butter, literally drowning in pickle sauce with a few measley pieces of what looked like the ready grated cheese you get out of packets. I pretty much left the place hungrier than what I went in.

Without food I get grumpy so now was not the time for them to drop the bombshell that we were walking a mountain trail. But that they did! And that’s how it happened. I hiked half way up a mountain in a duffel coat, dress, tote bag and flats and an extremely full bladder from all the coffee I’d drank. We entered from a side that clearly mustn’t have been closed off yet as only once we’d jumped our way across rocks in order to pass a ravine (okay maybe more of a stream but at the time a ravine is what it felt like!), clambered up steep ledges of grass, did we realise that the pathway that would take us further up was locked from the other side. Rob climbed over to read a sign explaining that due to local floods the pathway (we’d just trailed along!) was closed up while they fixed the bridges and fences. Now that explained why I had a soggy foot from landing in freezing cold stream water and a hole in my tights from climbing up sharp rocks.

The first and smallest ravine we crossed! ^^^^

So back down the mountain we went. We saw sheep and I was like yes animals! But even they ran away from me probably thinking who is this crazy girl up here in a duffel coat dress and flats

We eventually got back to the car and I felt like I’d just raced a 10k while they all protested at what shame it was that we couldn’t climb higher (wtf!?). Me? I slept like a baby the whole car ride home and promised my boyfriend that come payday he would get his just deserve and try one of my exercises- walking round the city centre with tons of shopping bags!

So I guess this probably isn’t even that interesting but in my head it was the worst! Although now it’s payday I promise to do more exciting posts. I’ve recently discovered a few vegan shops where they do the craziest and weirdest of foods. So I’m thinking…vegan taste tests?! Let me know in the comments if you’d want to see this! Also I will be doing my unboxing of my April My Little Box in the next few weeks when it arrives. Plus, I have a new vegan snackbox on order which I will share with you guys as soon as it arrives! Thanks for reading as always


Crust Pizza & St Patrick’s Day

Hey guys!

So I realised I haven’t posted anything since my March My Little Box unboxing. For anyone who’s read my About Me you’ll know I’m currently studying for an MA in International Journalism so I’ve had quite a lot of uni work to get through this last week. Now I’m not going to lie originally I planned this post to be completely about St Patrick’s Day and how Liverpool, the city I’m from, celebrates it. Except honestly guys I had a few drinks too many and just didn’t take pictures like I planned!  St Patrick’s Day is a pretty big event in Liverpool as I’m sure it is in many places outside of Ireland. Though from what I’ve learnt from people I’ve met at university who are from outside of Liverpool, no where in England has quite a good time celebrating it as us scousers. A huge part of that is probably because of the massive student population in Liverpool which attracts a lot of Irish students. Another reason is probably because of Liverpool’s Irish heritage. Honestly go out in Liverpool on St Patrick’s Day and you’ll hear a million and one stories about how someone is Irish because they’re cousin’s, auntie’s, uncle’s, twice removed brother in law is Irish. Ha. But in all honesty most people can trace their ancestors back to Ireland, myself included. One of my best friends is from Belfast so celebrating St Patrick’s Day is a tradition for me now even if she is living in Vegas (super jealous) at the moment. But honestly if you’re ever looking for a place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in England then you should definitely consider Liverpool. The atmosphere is always so friendly and everywhere has a kind of festival feel especially when the sun is out like this year. Usually people go to O’Neills for an Irish breakfast and then go out drinking from like 12pm, some hard core people even start earlier. Be warned though, come about 12, unless you’re willing to queue up for around an hour, O’Neills is pretty much inaccessible (I did want to get a photo of the queue but yeah, drunk Abbie). From there an obligatory pint of Guinness in Woody’s karaoke bar is a must and from there Concert Square. Also can I point out to those who aren’t from Liverpool, this is the only time drinking in Concert Square is acceptable! Any other time of year save your money and spend it in the bars on Wood street or the Albert Dock if fancy bars are more your thing. From about 5pm onwards most people go for a nap, refresh, shower and change and then go into town for the night time antics. It doesn’t really matter where as everywhere will have some sort of party and drinks promotions on!

St Patrick’s Day is also a big event for me because it is also my anniversary! Yesterday marked 6 amazing years with my beautiful boyfriend but don’t worry guys I haven’t forgot what I said in my Mother’s Day post, the cheese stops there. Well actually maybe we should talk about a different type of cheese- the vegan cheese at Crust pizza! Now I know to most people who aren’t interested in vegan or dairy food this pizza doesn’t look that great. I posted it on my Facebook to which my meat eater friends all protested at how it either doesn’t look like pizza, it looks burnt or it looks like something from Mordor (LOL). Honestly though never judge a book by its cover because this pizza tastes like heaven. First I’ll explain the black dough- Crust offer a variety of freshly made pizza bases one of which is this black dough which is made from vegetable charcoal, which in itself is thought to have many health benefits. I find it gives the pizza a nice smokey kick and hey if I I can kid myself that it makes my unhealthy pizza just a little bit healthier I’ll take it. As far as I know Crust is the only pizza place in Liverpool who offer this dough at the moment- correct me if I’m wrong by all means! Their tomato base is something else, I’ve honestly ate a pizza from Crust with no cheese before and still loved it. Now I will say Crust don’t make it glaringly obvious they offer a vegan cheese, I’ve been here countless times with my Dad and have had no idea. It was only when I was reading Trip Advisor and saw a review stating how amazing it was that they offered a vegan cheese alternative. We all know vegan cheese is not quite at the gooey, melting level of regular cheese so that’s also why it looks a bit weird but again don’t let the picture fool you. It tasted so like regular mozzarella that I actually had to double check that I’d ordered the vegan alternative. A regular mozzarella & cheese pizza prices in at £5. The vegan cheese is £1.50 extra as is the black dough, bringing my pizza to a total of £8. Considering each pizza is freshly made and fills you up for pretty much the entire day I would say it is well worth the price!


For any meat eaters who aren’t yet convinced, above are pictures of my dad and boyfriends pizzas- both with meat and both with regular cheese.

All in all I had an amazing St Patrick’s Day/anniversary. I had some awesome vegan friendly pizza and got very merry with my boyfriend. So how about you? Did you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Does your town celebrate in style? Or maybe you know of even better vegan pizza in Liverpool? Drop me a comment in the box below and I’d love to hear it! 🙂


Crust pizza is situated at 25 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4DN http://www.crustliverpool.co.uk  

Mother’s Day

When I was younger Facebook wasn’t really a thing for my generation, well for my generation in the UK at least. MySpace was my thing and I embraced the scene queen image whole heartedly (PC4PC yeah?) spamming my bulletin board with tons of cheesy and soppy posts. I liked cheese, I embraced it, yet as I’ve gotten older I’ve changed. These days anyone who knows me knows I’m not one for soppy displays of affection via social media. Call me an old woman but it kind of frightens me how dependent on social media society has become, why tell someone how much they’re appreciated in person when you can just tag them on Facebook? 

Yet on days like today I make an exception. My cousin posted an absolutely beautiful status about his mum, my Aunty, today and it really made me smile. Like myself my cousin is definitely NOT a soppy status kind of guy and he made the point that although he doesn’t usually do this kind of thing, today he would make an exception. He then went on to say how he can and does tell his mum every day how much he appreciates her but today is a day where he can share the beautiful person his mother is with the world. And it made me smile. So that’s what I did, cheesy status, obligatory photos and all.

My mum is the best and I know everyone will think that of their own mums but in my eyes she really is. I’m fortunate to have a really good relationship with my family and especially with my parents and sister. They’re my rocks and my mum has always been one of my best friends ever since I was a little girl. From giving me courage when I was scared, strength when I had a brief ordeal with bullies, consoling me through my teenage heartaches and grief and to always encouraging me to be the best version of me I can be. I suffer with health anxiety and I don’t say that lightly. Yet my mum never gets mad when I ring her at all hours of the night panicking about a random spot on my arm. She gives me strength and safety, I am just blessed to have such an amazing mum. So today was my day to just show off to the world how amazing my mum is. That and enjoy a delicious (mostly) meal with her, my dad and sister.

So I guess my point is soppy statuses aren’t always a bad thing and days like Mother’s and Father’s Day don’t have to have the negative stigma of ‘just another commercial holiday’. Yes you should tell those you love how much they mean to you everyday but why not, on one day every year, show not only them but the world how beautiful those people are? If you can brag about a new car or watch or various other material things then why shouldn’t we show off the things that money can’t buy?


 My yummy courgette fries:

A promising salad that was unfortunately let down by just a bit too much hot olive oil :(. I should probably also point out here that this was a tapas dinner so I also had one more dish of chargrilled tender stem broccoli with ginger and chilli jux but that got devoured before the thought of taking a picture even came in to my mind:

And finally my sister, my beautiful mummy and yours truly (really bad picture I was far too hungover because yeah, Saturday nights) :


The problem with going vegan is…

If anyone has read my About section you’ll know that I am actively working towards living a life devoid of any animal based products. This is a personal decision, for me. Yet I feel like in that statement lies a major contradiction because as much as I want this decision to be a personal choice I find myself talking about it almost every day.

We all have probably experienced the stereotypical ‘angry vegan’ and although I feel their passion I never want to morph into their mindset. I don’t talk about being vegan with the intention of converting people, it’s more I find myself having to consistently explain why I’ve made this choice and almost justifying my decisions. I’m not a saint in terms of Veganhood. I grew up eating meat, my family eat meat (bar one Vegetarian cousin), my friends eat meat and so does my boyfriend. I’ve not been doing this for years, in fact I’m still relatively new to this whole thing and trying to ease myself into the change from a Vegetarian diet. In this sense it’s only natural that those I love and care about question my choices or may jokingly remind me of that time I had milk with my coffee 6 months ago.

Then you have the ‘Vegan police’ who ironically enough are not usually vegan and will quickly point out the things that you do that are ‘not vegan’. In my case it’s leather and probably my initial yo-yo attempts at sticking to this diet. The thing with leather is complicated and one I find myself justifying a lot. I do own a leather jacket, shoes and a handful of leather bags that I’d purchased or received as gifts before I made this decision. There is nothing I can do to save those animals now and quite frankly I don’t have the money to replace my wardrobe so yes I have kept them and still wear them. That said I am not going to buy any new leather and when the leather possessions I own have finally wore out I’ll replace them with non animal based materials. 

I think as I’m still new to all of this I find myself to eager to please these ‘vegan police’; if I say I’m having a cheese sandwich I feel the need to point out it’s vegan cheese, if I have chocolate I make a point of saying it’s dairy free. Which honestly probably comes across as obnoxious but if people weren’t so quick to say ‘I thought you were vegan’ I wouldn’t have to do this. 

Another reason I find myself talking about it so much is to do with the complete lack of mainstream vegan choices when it comes to dining out in my city. Yes there are a few places that offer good choices but they usually require travelling outside the city centre where my friends and I live or going to a specialist vegan/vegetarian restaurant that, understandably, my meat eating friends don’t always feel like going to. So if someone asks if I want to go to a certain restaurant I have to tell them I need to look at the menu first or that I can’t go cause they just don’t have the right options. My choices are limited so if I find out somewhere has new vegan options or a new vegan cafe has opened then yeah I will get excited, I will talk about it so please don’t rain on my parade! 🙂

All this said sometimes I do just want to talk about it too and I’ll honestly admit that. My intention isn’t to convert you but honestly when you watch the videos and educate yourself you’re suddenly filled with this information that has enlightened you. So you do want to just talk and talk and talk about it. To the point where I think okay Abbie and breathe. Yet, again, this isn’t in an attempt to convert you I’m just like a little kid who has just had an amazing lesson on dinosaurs and they want to tell everyone they meet how amazing dinosaurs are.

So I guess ultimately my point is that not all vegans are out to brainwash you. We’re just on a journey that isn’t yet completely main stream. It’s new and exciting and we want to talk about our passion just like anyone else with a passion does. Sometimes we need to just simply explain why we can’t go eat at said restaurant or why we still own leather shoes. We’re not all those angry cliches and you can still be friends with us! I’m having fun on my personal journey and ever working towards being 100% free of animal based products and hopefully you’ll encourage me to have fun on this journey too 🙂