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5 of my favourite places to eat in Liverpool

Another week has gone by and I’m still no closer to finishing my dissertation or attaining that perfect summer beach body. I just love food. I mean I’m trying, I’ve switched out fizzy drinks for water with lemon slices and mint leaves and I’m cutting down on the carbs. So as long as I’m trying that’s what counts, right? As for the dissertation…well that’s for me to think about tomorrow. Or the next day… Anyway with trying to cut down plus being absolutely broke because it’s not pay day, I’ve started my monthly dreams of what food I can treat myself to come tomorrow. The holy day. The day of riches. The day I’m a millionaire before I spend the rest of the month poverty stricken. You’ve got to love that student life! Anyway this got me thinking, seen as I published 5 of my favourite places to drink in Liverpool, it only seems fair that I get the food covered too, right? Liverpool’s food scene has exploded over the past year with so many cool places opening on what seems to be a weekly basis. So if I don’t cover any cult favourites I probably haven’t tried them or they don’t have many options that cater for me. Speaking of options, obviously the places I’m about to mention do amazing vegan and vegetarian friendly food BUT I do also have primarily meat eating friends, family and an occasional meat eater boyfriend so don’t you worry meat-eaters, I’m sure you’ll love these places too! Anyway, in no particular order, let’s get started!

Lunya, 18-20 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DS Lunya.co.uk

Image via Liverpool Echo

Where to begin with Lunya? Well firstly Lunya is a Catalonian tapas restaurant with enough dishes to please even the fussiest of eaters. Now for my vegan friends I will point out, Lunya likes their meat. Inside Lunya has split the ground floor level into a deli and restaurant/bar. The deli does have cured meats on display. However they do also provide numerous vegan and vegetarian dishes that are super tasty. I tend to come here with my parents as they’re not vegan or vegetarian so there is enough dishes to please all of us. I also like the olives that you can pack yourself at the deli and they offer two varieties of Estrella, which is like one of my favourite beers ever,  cause you know I’m a classy lady.

Mowgli, 69 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ Mowglistreetfood.com

Image via mowglistreetfood

Indian food is one of my favourite cuisines which I can thank my Dad for. Growing up, when we had takeaway nights, it was  always his first choice. I would never want to pretend that I didn’t eat meat growing up because I did. My favourite dish was always lamb saag with mushroom pilau rice. When I made my lifestyle change I just avoided Indian food because I didn’t really know what choices were available to me. I’d never even heard of Indian street food until Mowgli popped on the scene with not only tons of choices but…a seperate vegan menu! I can not stress how good the food at Mowgli is. I could literally eat their Bhel Puri alllllll day. Infact, even thinking of it now is making me hungry and I only just ate. Their drinks menu is impressive and they offer milk alternatives for coffee. The atmosphere is amazing and the fact that the place is usually always full is testament to how good their service is.

The Egg Cafe, 16-18 Newington, Liverpool, L1 4ED eggcafe.co.uk

Left image via Yelp and middle via @theeggcafe

Egg cafe. The holy grail of vegan and vegetarian cafes in Liverpool. Well at least one of the more popularly known anyway. Egg Cafe is completely vegan and vegetarian friendly and offers everything from cheese on toast to vegan roast dinners and cakes. Situated in a loft style space on Renshaw Street, Egg cafe oozes creativity with its art hangings and painted walls. Again this is a place that is always busy and the food is sooo good it doesn’t even scare off meat eaters (I’m looking at you Jamie!) In terms of recommendations it definitely has to be the tandoori mushrooms which are pictured above. They ooze flavour and (once again looking at you Jamie) so tasty, they even leave meat eaters craving them.

Wahaca, 24 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DS wahaca.co.uk

Left image via Liverpool Echo

I mentioned earlier that Indian food is one of my favourite cuisines. When it comes to my all time favourite though it would have to be Mexican food. I just love the spices and rich flavours. And also because Mexican food is a cheap, easy dinner idea for a house full of students. I love Wahaca’s interior design and their rooftop terrace cocktail bar just screams summer. Their cocktails are also to die for and they do an amazing Horchata! I’ll admit one thing though, I’ve not been to Wahaca since I made the switch from Vegetarian to Vegan. Although they do offer a ton of meat free dishes, most include cheese. I guess vegans would have to be creative and maybe request dishes sans cheese. However, their rooftop cocktail bar and decor is cute enough to justify a visit in itself.

Maray, 91 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HF maray.co.uk

Left image via Liverpool Echo and right image via designmynight

I feel like tapas food is a common theme within this post. I’ll say it’s my parents fault because that’s the only type of food we ever have as a family anymore when we eat out. Not that I don’t like it, I mean you either have one big dish and risk not liking it or you can eat at a tapas restaurant and have 3 small dishes so that it doesn’t really matter if one doesn’t tickle your tastebuds. Maray, like Lunya & Wahaca, is a tapas style restaurant. Once again their cocktails are amazing (I promise I’m judging these places on food although cocktails also seem to be a running theme) and their falafels are some of the nicest I’ve ever tasted. It’s all in the blog name really, falafelsandchat, falafels are the key to my heart! There is tons of choice for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike and all vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu. I love the decor and atmosphere in Maray and, like Mowgli, the fact that Maray is usually busy proves what a good job they do.

I know I said this was a list of 5 but then I remembered this little gem and felt so guilty for forgetting about it and I’m nice, so one more just for you guys…

Crust, 25 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4DN crustliverpool.co.uk

Left image via scouseveg

How could I forget about Crust?! Honestly, it’s probably my favourite out of this list. If not my favourite then definitely in the top 3. I’ve actually posted about Crust before which you can read here in my St.Patrick’s Day blog post. I would argue that Crust offers some of the best pizza in Liverpool. They’re home to the black dough pizza which is made from vegetable charcoal that supposedly has great effects on your body. The vegetable charcoal that is, not the pizza but hey we can all dream. Crust offer vegan cheese with a supplementary cost of £1.50 which I honestly don’t mind paying. Now don’t get me wrong I know the cheese on my pizza (middle) doesn’t look as good as the cheese on the right, but it’s vegan and it tastes amazing. Don’t judge a pizza by its looks but by its taste! Their pizzas are all freshly made and the tomato sauce base is one of the nicest pizza sauces I have ever tasted. The staff are so friendly and helpful which is always a nice bonus when eating out. Next time you’re on Bold Street, which as you can tell from this post is rapidly becoming a food haven, and you’re craving pizza you know where the goods are at!

*Unless stated, all pictures are my own.

I’m a big foodie so there is tons of places I could have added to this list but honestly I’m too lazy to review 10 places and I’m sure you’d get bored! As always I love to hear what you think- have you tried any of these places? Do you love them? Maybe you disagree with me? Also if you have any suggestions of where offers great vegan food please let me know! WordPress users can comment in the box below or you could follow me/ let me know what you think via:

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5 of my favourite places to daytime drink in Liverpool

So guys, I did it! Bar my Dissertation, the university year is over. I submitted my last essay and sat my last (hopefully) exam! It’s debatable how well it went but in the words of my friend Ashley ‘submit it, forget it‘. I’ll deal with the marks when I get them and hopefully I’ll have done better than I expected. With the exam over my course mates and I decided there was only one way to celebrate- cocktails! Which got me thinking about my favourite places to drink in Liverpool. Now I’ll point out I am not big on nights out. I can’t dance and I’m not into club music so I mostly find the whole thing really awkward unless I’ve had one too many and then call me Beyoncé on that dance floor- in my head at least! In reality I probably look more like Chloe from Geordie Shore… So I want to quickly point out that this list features places that I think are either good for afternoon drinks or relaxing in their beer gardens on a warm day. With that clarified, and in no particular order, let’s get started:

1) Roxy Ball Room

Right image via Aver

This is still relatively new to Liverpool and I was introduced to it by my friend when we first visited on her birthday. Situated in Liverpool One next door to Wahaca (an awesome Mexican street food restaurant), Roxy Ball Room resides on the top floor. Accessible by stairs and lifts, the entrance is covered in cool, bright graffiti. Inside there’s a bar and kitchen serving all sorts of treats and ping pong, beer pong and pool tables for hire. Outside is a terrace with picnic benches that looks out over Bluecoats and Liverpool One. The staff are friendly and make the best cocktails ever. We tend to get the staff specials, priced at £5 they’re super tasty and super strong. Or maybe I’m just a lightweight, either way they do the trick. The one pictured above left was a Gin, elderflower and cucumber mix that tasted heavenly.

2) Kazimier Gardens


Image via Kazimier

I have an annoyingly bad habit of getting tipsy/drunk and not taking photos the way normal people do so I have no modern pictures of the Kazimier gardens by day. The lights at night are beautiful though and this is one of the few places I occupy of a night time. Day time drinks here though are just as good, especially when the sun is shining and the place has a real boho, festival feel. Their choice of craft beers is amazing and they often host gigs for local bands. There is a good range of food choices, even for non-carnivores like me! Prepare to battle it out for the table that’s styled like a boat, it’s the most coveted seat. To my friends at least!

3) Lady of Mann

image Image via The Good Pub Guide

Sometimes when you meet your friends from work, or in my case when you want to distract yourself from uni work, all you want is good beer/wine and someplace nice to chat. I love music but sometimes I just like getting tipsy and having drunken conversations and gossip with my nearest and dearest. That’s where the Lady of Mann comes in. Situated on Dale Street it’s a nice retreat from the bustling city centre. I visit here all the time with my friend Jojo and its just one of those places where ‘I’m only getting one drink’ becomes drunkenly stumbling out at last orders.

4) Tavern On The Green


Image via Yelp

Tavern sits on Chavasse Park, L1 and is another place I tend to visit with work friends due to how close it is to our work. The discount for working within Liverpool One is an added bonus! I love Tavern because most of its playlists are pretty much straight copies of the ITunes playlists I coveted as an angsty little 17 year old. They have an amazing selection of cocktails, beer and wine and their quiz nights of a Tuesday are always fun. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating but prepare to battle it out for a picnic bench when the sun and crowds are out!

5) Heebie Jeebies


Image via Yelp

Heebies is probably known by almost everyone in Liverpool, especially the students mid week! I’ve been coming to Heebies ever since my youthful 18 year old days and all through my university life its always been a staple night out venue. Its music of choice is that of bands rather than club hits and for me that is always a massive plus. It offers DJ nights and gigs, its popularity is highlighted by the queues to get in of a weekend but once you’re in it’s worth it. Despite being known for its night life and funky decor, Heebies is also a really good venue for daytime drinks. Especially when the sun is out and you can bask in its outdoor courtyard. It has recently been renovated (the courtyard) and I’ve not actually visited since then but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I do. Drinks are all priced fairly and when they do their pub quiz they even offer vegetarian hot dogs! What’s not to love?!


I realised as I was typing this that there is sooooooo many more places I could add but I’m wary of how long this post already is. Places like Shipping Forecast, Santa Chupitos and Hope & Anchor all deserve a shout out too. I feel like I’ll also be chastised for not adding places like the Botanical Gin Gardens and Oh Me Oh My but truth is I haven’t actually visited them yet! Although they are on my to do list I promise! As always I’d love to hear what you think, where are your favourite places to day time drink in Liverpool? Think I’ve missed any out? Just drop me a comment down below 🙂


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