Hi, I’m Abbie.

I’m 24 and from the little country of England. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved writing. From writing stories about kick ass school girls who doubled up as secret agents to mystical beings who existed in the realm of dreams. It didn’t matter that I never sent them off to be published, my family and grand parents were my biggest fans and, as I’ve always been a welcome receiver of attention, their praise was all I needed. I entered a few competitions and won a few prizes (a tv with a built in VHS player was the prized possession of my 11 year old selfs room- oh yes!) but sadly the older I got the less I found myself putting pen to paper. Education took over, friends and romance. In a cliched way I just never found the time.

I’ve experimented with blogs in the past but I’ve always pressured myself to find some direction and tirelessly compared myself to the best, knowing I could never compete. Yet the older I’ve got and in a world of new media and over sharing I’ve kind of realised that it doesn’t really matter. As long as I enjoy writing what does it matter if I have an audience of 0 or 1,000,000?

Yet that said the creation of this blog isn’t purely to feed my love of writing as a hobby. I’m currently studying for an MA in International Journalism after gaining a BA in English, Media & Cultural studies. Writing is not something I only love anymore but something that I also need to do.

So here it is. My blog. I’m a staunch animal lover who has had many failed attempts at becoming vegetarian over my life span before finally committing to it. Not only committing to it but working towards a life style completely free of any animal based products. This blog is also a form of procrastination from the ever scaling mountain of coursework I have building up. Falafels and chat seemed the perfect name; I love falafels and here I am chatting away to avoid doing any real work (which I WILL start later. I promise!).

What you can expect from me is general topical chat, yummy pictures of plant based food and general ramblings of a 24 year old student trying to find her way in the world. Also if you have actually finished reading this thing then you are the best for having the patience for my rambling way of talking!



2 thoughts on “About

    1. Aw thank you, honestly I’ve not really done anything with my qualifications yet >_< Also my grammar can also be pretty awful, I rely on spell checker too much haha, in fact I've just read through my first blog post and I'm still noticing typos and spelling mistakes! But I agree although I've not had this blog too long I am finding it very therapeutic also! 🙂

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