Monthly Archives: November 2016

I’m back!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been silent on here for a while now and thought I’d do a checking in post to try and get myself in the habit of blogging again. I intended to post regularly on this blog and I never wanted the ‘hello again sorry I’ve been silent’ posts to become a regular thing but I guess life just got in the way.

For anyone who kept up with my blog (who am I kidding? XD) you’ll know I was studying for my Masters in International Journalism and this blog, whilst enjoyable, was a major form of procrastination. My dissertation was horrendous, the process of it that is. Whilst I was still receiving My Little Box I just didn’t have time for reviews. I love doing the list style blog posts but again, how could I justify writing up a 1,000 word blog post when I still had 15,000 words to write for my dissertation.

I avoided the dissertation module like the plague during my undergrad but this time around I had no choice. Honestly I have never cried, stressed or had as many sleepless nights because of academic work as much as I did during my dissertation BUT I did it! I will be graduating in just under 2 weeks with a Distinction, something I’m unbelievably proud of.

I treated myself to a lovely holiday with my boyfriend as a post graduation treat. I also had my nephew arriving to look forward to. His due date fell on my dissertation deadline and I was crossing my fingers and hoping he would give me a litle extra time to submit the work before he arrived in the world. And he did. In true mischievous style though he was late and arrived exactly one hour before my flight to the Canaries left. Although I loved my holiday I couldn’t wait to get home and meet him, our beautiful little Noah. He’s already 9 weeks old, it’s crazy how quick time goes.

Also in other exciting news, I have an internship! I am currently working for Purple Revolver on their video production team- Louis Theroux here I come! Purple Revolver is a online magazine that talks about culture, style, arts/theatre and even a bit of gaming. I’ve been doing some writing for them too, you can check out their website here. Okay, that may be a link to my most recent article but you can also check out their site too! I’ve recently shot a video with them where we interviewed the bands performing at Liverpool Music Week which should be up on their YouTube channel next week, I’ll post the link when it’s live!

I should probably wrap up this post now, for anyone who does or will actually read this thank you! I’m still working my day job to pay bills so with internship included I’m working 6 days a week but I promise to try and dedicate time to update this blog more regularly. I’m in a happy place right now so I should use that to fuel my writing. When I finished my undergrad I felt lost, this time around I actually feel like everything is slowly coming together and I’m excited to see what the future holds career wise!