All vegans are crazy [+why I made the switch]

From my experiences that is an opinion I hear echoed through the meat eaters of society. Before I jump into this blog post entirely let me first just point out how false that statement is. Don’t get me wrong there are some vegans who are ‘crazy’, but there are meat eaters and various other members of society who are ‘crazy’ too. I mean throwing that word around has tons of negative influence towards the mental health movement and it kind of insults people who do suffer with mental health issues but right now that’s a whole different debate entirely. Vegans may seem ‘crazy’ to you but to me I can’t think of anything more crazy than willingly supporting the oppression of innocent, sentient beings who have thoughts, feelings and a central nervous system just like you. Would you like your dog or your cat to be impregnated against their will? Have their children ripped away from them moments after birth? Have their male offspring simply put straight through a grinder because they’re not valuable enough to justify their upkeep? Be hung upside down and watch their fellow species have their throats slit knowing they’re next? No you wouldn’t because that would make you an immoral person if you did and you should really question your desire to own a pet if that’s the case. Now I want to emphasise that I’m not out to convert people. I don’t have any issues with people who eat meat as you can read about in my similar blog post here. I just wanted to present the other side to the story as opposed to vegans being labelled as aggressive and ‘crazy’.

When I first began this blog I was in the phase of transitioning from vegan to vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong I had slip ups, I’ll admit that. I don’t think that makes me a bad person because it just motivated me even more to keep what I was eating in check. I think the biggest mistake I made was trying to jump straight from a meat eating diet into veganism. There may be vegans who have done this straight away and for them would say ‘it’s easy’ but just like quitting nicotine, our SAD diet is addictive to our bodies. Dairy is addictive, it’s something the majority of us have spent most of our lives consuming. As long as people keep their end goal in mind, that end goal being vegan, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking it in steps. Pesketarian, vegetarian and then vegan. Do what you need to do to get there and not just get there, stay there.

Educate yourself too. Honestly for me that was the best decision I made. I’d always wanted to eat vegetarian but as a kid my willpower wasn’t that strong. As I got older I desensitised myself to meat, I made myself think of it as a seperate thing to the living animal it once was. I couldn’t bear chopping up chicken breasts or even handling any meat raw- that was left to my boyfriend. Likewise I have always been anti fur and anti testing on animals for cosmetic reasons. I just realised one day that I was a walking contradiction. I couldn’t think some things were wrong and continue to support the meat and dairy industry. So I tried to go vegan and I watched bits of films such as earthlings but I couldn’t stomach watching the torture that ensued. So I went vegan and I ended up slipping and eating dairy again, essentially eating a fully vegetarian diet. I knew that wasn’t good enough so I forced myself to watch the documentaries, educate myself with literature and seminars and honestly now? I couldn’t even dream of eating meat or consuming dairy again. For me forcing myself to watch the videos was the best thing I could have ever done and I think if you’re trying to go vegan it’s something you should make yourself do. It’s not nice and it’s not easy to watch but ultimately if it helps you stand up to the oppression and slaughter of innocent animals then why shouldn’t you watch?

As always I’d love to know what you think. Have you made the transition? What was it that made you say enough is enough? Leave your comments below or contact me through the tab at the top ^^^

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– Abbie


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