19 thoughts I’ve definitely had as a 24 year old

I’m sure anyone who is at the early twentys stage of their life, or those who have already experienced it, will know/remember what a confusing time it is. You know you’re still young but compared to fresh faced 18 year olds you feel old.  However take into account demands and responsibilities of the ‘real world’ and suddenly you feel 12 years old again begging your parents to help you out and not sacrifice you to the world of bills and debt. The age of 25 looms over you and your younger friends all remind you that you’ll soon be ‘halfway to 50’ and you think oh god. How did this happen?? That age is a mere 3 months away, closer to 2 and 1/2 months if you want to be technical, for yours truly so as my birthday looms ever closer I thought I’d share 19 thoughts I’ve almost definitely had as a 24 year old.

1) How have I gone from being a young 23 year old to 24?! I’m so old. Stop singing happy birthday! STOP!

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2) Yeah I’ve got plenty of time to find a graduate job, I only graduated last…TWO YEARS AGO?! Is this a prank?

3) Fuck this I’m doing a Masters. Take me back to the student life!

4) What do you mean this is my last paid for holiday? Im your child! Okay I’m a childult. Don’t leave me behind Mum & Dad!

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5) Woo freshers! Wait are those people even legal to be in this club right now? Oh I forgot. That’s what being 18 looks like.

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6) My parents are still buying me Christmas clothes and everyone on Facebook is buying presents for their babies. What is life?

7) Yes I know you’re driving me back to my own apartment but that doesn’t mean I’ve moved out the family home for good.

8) Why is everyone from my undergrad so successful and I’m still in lectures. Why didn’t I apply for a graduate job???

9) Why is everyone around me suddenly getting engaged? We’re too young for that. Oh wait. No we’re not.

10) What? The Killers aren’t that old! I listen to Sam’s Town all the time, it’s definitely not 10 years old. Oh wait…once again how has this happened?

11) How has my life gotten here?

12) Maybe I should go down a different career path. If I could afford another BA I would be 26, 27…28?! 28 when I’d graduate again!!??

13) I want to produce documentaries and I’m 24. Fuck. I’m nearing my Media sell by date. Uhhubcriybuybcuhbwrcuhbwrcuhb. Another drink please.


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14) Oh no graduation is looming close again, I can’t avoid the real world this time….well…there is always a PhD course…

15) No. I’m ready. I can do this, I’m going to apply for tons of jobs right now and be proactive!

16) I definitely can’t do this.

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17) The age I want to be married and have kids by? 28 I guess, that’s the age I’ve always said anyway. Oh god that’s only 3 years away??? But I haven’t lived my life!

18) How have I not travelled the world?! How have I spent my young adult life solely in university and working part time jobs???

19) I’m just going to go to sleep. I’ll think about responsibilities tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. I’m still so young after all.


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