Just checking in…

So guys I rather naively expected My Little Box to arrive today and planned to have an unboxing/review up for it by tonight. But as is always the way, I seem to be in the latter half of subscribers who are still waiting on their box. Sadly the excitement was killed for me even further by clicking on one of their images they’d posted to be suddenly confronted with an angry subscribers description of the box and saying how disappointed they were. Why do people do that?! Okay if you’re not happy with your box by all means complain if that’s your thing but it’s really quite selfish to ruin the suprise when the vast majority of comments are girls saying they still haven’t had their delivery but are super excited. I just don’t understand the logic of some people, I mean I know I left a blog post about last months but I think that’s a bit different to just spelling the box contents onto an innocent picture, My Little Box posted. Anyway- rant over. I have a presentation tomorrow morning and after that I’m working the late shift so hopefully I will have my unboxing up before the weekend! Fingers crossed! In the mean time have you read my definition of the stages of procrastination? It explains a lot about my thought patterns and one that I’m at least attempting to change! Hope you all had a lovely Wednesday!



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