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April My Little Box: My Little Flower Book

Hey everyone! My Little Box must have read my mind when I was planning to have this uploaded by the weekend because I finally had my box (well book) delivered yesterday! I was originally going to upload this yesterday but I had a looooong day. To begin the day I woke up at 6am to practice my presentation a few times and nearly had a break down when the timing was averaging out at 22.12, considering we lose points if the presentation were to go over 20 minutes. Anyway there was little I could do at a that point and knew I’d just have to use the timer on my phone and wing it. I left for uni at 9:30 and class began at 11, thankfully when it was my turn I came in at 18 minutes so comfortably between the 15-20 minute bracket we were allowed. Straight from there I met up with my dad, had lunch and then had 45 minutes to run home, get showered and changed into my uniform and go straight into work. That was when I realised My Little Box Book had been delivered (yay) but it was kind of bitter sweet as I only had time to do a quic unboxing, take photos and then leave for work. I didn’t get home until 11:30pm and was going to type out a post but figured who’d really want to read my review at that time? Anyway once again I’ve gone on a tangent so how about we just get on with the unboxing/review? Because I know that’s what you’re all here for 😉


Now I must say that I absolutely love the illustration of this months box. The book style was a nice change but overall I prefer the traditional box style for storing things as opposed to the ribbon side opening style of this box. For a one off style I love it though and I’m sure it will look pretty sat on my book shelf. As always on opening the box you’re met with what I referred to in my last review as the ‘gimmick’ item and the glossy magazine. 


This months I’d already found out what this was (check out my small rant here) due to a disgruntled subscriber on My Little Box’s page. Well I love this months item and the disgruntled customer really didn’t do it justice when she described it as ‘packet of seeds’ when it really is cuter than that. Firstly it’s cress seeds which gives me nostalgia feels to when I was in primary school and it seemed to be a regular activity to plant cress seeds and watch how they grew. The planter is set in a pretty little cardboard box with a pop up, apartment style setting 


Instructions seem simple enough, I mean if 7 year old Abbie could successfully grow cress I will not be impressed if 24 year old Abbie messes this up! After taking out the magazine I was getting excited, underneath the magazine is one lifestyle product and a cotten drawstring bag filled with 3 (sometimes 4 if you’re lucky!) goodies. I wondered what it could be and I vaguely remember the disgruntled subscriber saying something about a ‘pouch’ and then I saw it. I mean it’s a lot prettier than just the non-description pouch said subscriber moaned about but I will be honest, I wasn’t really that impressed. The ‘pouch’ is actually a travel organiser for lingerie, the design is pretty enough and the idea as a whole is nice but I’m not exactly lacking on the chest area if you know what I’m saying. So I doubt I’d fit more than two of my bras into this packet, maybe bikinis but I’ll test that out and let you know when I’m packing for my holiday.


Finally we have the drawstring bag, like I explained in my last review, the design on each months bag is different and I hoarde these like they’re food rations and the world is about to take a swift left to a post apocalyptic, dystopian future. not to self: stop referencing Fallout! But like I said last time they’re handy for organising toiletries and makeup when travelling etc.


Now I hate to be a killjoy but again I’m not overly impressed with this months content. Maybe because there was a real hype in the Facebook page for this months box so I did that annoying thing where you overhype something in your head or it could be because my favourite items to receive reside in the makeup category. Who knows, maybe I’m just being picky. What I received this month is: L’Occitane flower scented shower gel, My Little Box face mask and a Nails Inc nail varnish.


First of all I used to love L’Occitane’s products and I don’t want to discredit them by saying their products aren’t good because they are and they always smell delicious but if you’ve read my blog you know I’m a massive animal lover. L’Occitane at one point were approved cruelty free and were awarded the leaping bunny logo but this has been revoked because of the regulations in China in which all products are required to be tested on animals before they can be sold to the general public. Although not completley cruelty free, I do want to point out that L’Occitane are actively working with Cruelty-Free International to accelerate the move to acceptance of alternative forms of testing- you can read more about that here and hereThat said this is just my beliefs and I understand My Little Box doesn’t advertise themselves as a cruelty free or vegan box so I can’t really complain. Next we have the face mask which is my favourite product out of the three. There is nothing more relaxing than coming home from a long day, putting on a face mask and sipping on a nice warm Camomile tea. I tried this out last night and I must admit it has left my skin feeling very smooth so A+ for this product. Finally we have the nail varnish, now I do love this colour although I’d have welcomed it more over Winter. I’m not allowed to wear nail polish in work so I usually don’t paint my nails but when I do I prefer bright or pastel shades over the warmer months purely because I think they look prettier with a tan. So again nice product but I’m not overly thrilled with it.

To round up I wouldn’t say this was a bad box, I’ve had others I’ve disliked more, but it is definitely not my favourite box. I think that belongs to last summers My Little Gypset box. However I’ve rambled on for long enough now so if you’ve read this all, thank you as always! Not everyone receives the same products so I’d love to hear what products you received this month- did you love or hate this months box? Let me know in the comments box below and I hope you all have a lovely weekend 🙂


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated or endorsed by My Little Box to post these reviews (I wish this blog was successful enough for that haha), all boxes are paid for by me my boyfriend and all reviews are my 100% honest opinions.


Just checking in…

So guys I rather naively expected My Little Box to arrive today and planned to have an unboxing/review up for it by tonight. But as is always the way, I seem to be in the latter half of subscribers who are still waiting on their box. Sadly the excitement was killed for me even further by clicking on one of their images they’d posted to be suddenly confronted with an angry subscribers description of the box and saying how disappointed they were. Why do people do that?! Okay if you’re not happy with your box by all means complain if that’s your thing but it’s really quite selfish to ruin the suprise when the vast majority of comments are girls saying they still haven’t had their delivery but are super excited. I just don’t understand the logic of some people, I mean I know I left a blog post about last months but I think that’s a bit different to just spelling the box contents onto an innocent picture, My Little Box posted. Anyway- rant over. I have a presentation tomorrow morning and after that I’m working the late shift so hopefully I will have my unboxing up before the weekend! Fingers crossed! In the mean time have you read my definition of the stages of procrastination? It explains a lot about my thought patterns and one that I’m at least attempting to change! Hope you all had a lovely Wednesday!


The 7 stages of procrastination

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post and I promised vegan taste tests and reviews, I haven’t forgotten and I still intend to do this I swear! The thing is when I promised that I was forgetting (okay, okay purposely not thinking about) the fact that although April brings us sunshine, for us students it also brings about a very stressful thing- deadlines.

I’d love to say I’m the most organised student in the world but I’m not. I’m a procrastinator in every form. I never miss a deadline, I just seem to get some sort of sick kick out of the adrenaline from only just making a deadline. I know I’m not the only one, us procrastinators are a varied form. We give organised people cold sweats who seem to have nightmares about our carefree attitudes. They just don’t understand how we operate so I thought I’d explain:
Stage 1: Symptoms of stress become evident in your organised classmates

It’s 2 weeks before and your classmates start stressing out. They’re probably talking about how they’re half way through and not sure if they’ve covered most of the things in the marking criteria and ask you how you’re finding yours. This is where you state casually that you haven’t even started researching yet que their jaws dropping to the floor and beads of sweat and you’re just like 


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Stage 2: It’s a week before and you have some free time. 

You psych yourself up, turn on your computer and you’re non student friend texts you telling you everyone from your workplace is in the pub ‘but I have a deadline!’ You say and they promise you a Willy Wonka filled world of fun- just without the sweets and more booze. You go of course because smh a week is looooooaaads of time!


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Stage 3: 5 days before and the panic slowly kicks in

So you tell yourself I’ll just play an hour of Fallout and all will be fine, I’ll be cool and calm and collected and everything will be fine. Then it’s midnight and your partner asks if you have any work to do and you snap at him that of course you do all five of your settlements don’t have enough food and beds, they keep getting raided, some ghoul is pleading with you to return her overdue book to a library that burnt down hundreds of years ago, the synth that’s following you won’t shut up about some guy called Eddie Winters and you just feel like there’s not enough time to save them all!!! Then they look at you all weird and ask about your real life and you’re just like

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Stage 4: 3 nights before and you have this feeling you should be doing something but you just want to party

Your partner is busy doing work to meet their deadline, your non student friends are all working the late shift so you ask your class if anyone wants to get a drink or grab food and they’re all horrified like ‘we have a deadline in 3 days! I really can’t!’ And you get annoyed and just stare at them all like

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Stage 5: 2 days before and you ‘start’ to do work

You print off some journals, highlight some quotes and yeah this is going good, you’re on a roll! Except your brain hurts off reading all the journals so you think I KNOW! I’ll watch a documentary relating to this subject because it’s completely fine to reference a documentary. I’ll just check out the documentary tab on Netflix and oh god what have I done I’ve started watching Pretty Little Liars from the beginning again

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Stage 6: You’re going to do an all nighter this is totally fine

That’s the plan but instead you end up sporadically dancing to songs, pacing the kitchen expecting new food to be in the cupboards and lying to your classmates in the group chat ‘yeah I’m on 1,973 words’ because, you know, an uneven number makes it totally more legit. Their words of encouragement make you feel slightly guilty but they give you encouragement, so much encouragement in fact that you believe you actually have wrote as many words as you lied about and just go to sleep cause you know, you have a whole 14 hours and 59 minutes to meet the midnight deadline tomorrow.

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Stage 7: Deadline Day

The fear is real and you’re contemplating your life and wondering how it ever became this. Another coffee will fix this you say until you start bashing away at your keyboard, laughing like a maniac and not knowing if you’re having a stroke of pure genius or pure stupidity. Time is flying by and you wonder how this is possible, you eat, randomly leave your PC to stand in the middle of the room and hope if you close your eyes this will all go away. It’s 11pm and you’re almost there, you start sweating and hysterically start asking your partner for help even though they don’t study your course and you blame them for letting you get away with this procrastination for the last two weeks.

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BUT YOU DO IT! You submit it 3 minutes before the deadline and start twerking in happiness. You tell yourself you will never do this again but you’re a procrastinator, the best procrastinator there is. You have a legacy to live up to so why change now?


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– Abbie

P.S I promise this post wasn’t a form of procrastination, I did some work right?