The thing about having an active boyfriend when you’re…less active

Is that he will assume that you are at the same level of fitness as him…and actually enjoy it- insert straight, disgruntled face.

So since last Thursday I’ve been on spring break (woo!). I know this usually means travelling or having a break but my pay day is the 23rd of every month so up until yesterday I was broke as anything. While I wanted to window shop or bribe my boyfriend into buying us takeaway he had other ideas. 

See when he said oh why don’t we go the Lake District with our friend and his girlfriend who’s visiting from Australia, I expected a little stroll through Bowness. A meal in my favourite restaurant in Ambleside (Zefferelis- Italian and vegetarian!) and maybe just the one glass of wine for me at a quaint little pub. He couldn’t as he was driving but meh I’m the passenger after all!

Under strict orders to be ready to leave by 9 I woke up, drunk tons of coffee and got dressed in my usual attire of dress, tights and flats. Weather weren’t looking too great so I put on my duffel coat and packed my tote bag while my boyfriend went to pick up our friends. My first warning sign should have been when I left my apartment to meet them and everyone was dressed in sports attire. My boyfriend and our friend do this thing called tricking (kind of like parkour meets martial arts) and his girlfriend is a gymnast so I just put it down to this is how they all dressed casually.

I fall asleep in the car, typical me style, and wake up two hours later to them discussing a mountain trail- warning sign no.2! Again I just brush it off and we arrive in Bowness. I love visiting Lake Windemere but it is definitely more beautiful of a summer time, with the weather being so dismal I couldn’t help thinking I was in a landscape from Fallout 4. We grabbed a coffee and sat down to watch the swans and birds.


Someone mentioned grabbing lunch to get our energy up- warning sign 3! I’m a massive foodie so I was like yeah please! First thing I realised here is I should have brought my own packed lunch! Maybe we tried to eat too early- not a lot of places were open or maybe I just let the meat eaters guide the way but the choice for vegetarians and vegans was shocking! The place we ate at was nice enough but I literally was only able to eat two starters which would have to serve as a main- hoummous & pitta bread and potato wedges. Now call me ungrateful but sometimes I am sick to death of hoummous, we do eat other things you know! I really wasn’t feeling it so with my fingers crossed asked what the soup of the day was and if it had any dairy in it. It was broccoli and vegan YES! It even came with half a sandwich which I gave to my boyfriend because it was cheese and pickle. The meat eaters all got burgers that I must admit, if I were a meat eater still I’d be impressed with. But mine. Oh mine. The soup was watery, pretty bland and tasted like it was fresh out a can. I laughed as I gave my boyfriend my sandwich which was slathered in butter, literally drowning in pickle sauce with a few measley pieces of what looked like the ready grated cheese you get out of packets. I pretty much left the place hungrier than what I went in.

Without food I get grumpy so now was not the time for them to drop the bombshell that we were walking a mountain trail. But that they did! And that’s how it happened. I hiked half way up a mountain in a duffel coat, dress, tote bag and flats and an extremely full bladder from all the coffee I’d drank. We entered from a side that clearly mustn’t have been closed off yet as only once we’d jumped our way across rocks in order to pass a ravine (okay maybe more of a stream but at the time a ravine is what it felt like!), clambered up steep ledges of grass, did we realise that the pathway that would take us further up was locked from the other side. Rob climbed over to read a sign explaining that due to local floods the pathway (we’d just trailed along!) was closed up while they fixed the bridges and fences. Now that explained why I had a soggy foot from landing in freezing cold stream water and a hole in my tights from climbing up sharp rocks.

The first and smallest ravine we crossed! ^^^^

So back down the mountain we went. We saw sheep and I was like yes animals! But even they ran away from me probably thinking who is this crazy girl up here in a duffel coat dress and flats

We eventually got back to the car and I felt like I’d just raced a 10k while they all protested at what shame it was that we couldn’t climb higher (wtf!?). Me? I slept like a baby the whole car ride home and promised my boyfriend that come payday he would get his just deserve and try one of my exercises- walking round the city centre with tons of shopping bags!

So I guess this probably isn’t even that interesting but in my head it was the worst! Although now it’s payday I promise to do more exciting posts. I’ve recently discovered a few vegan shops where they do the craziest and weirdest of foods. So I’m thinking…vegan taste tests?! Let me know in the comments if you’d want to see this! Also I will be doing my unboxing of my April My Little Box in the next few weeks when it arrives. Plus, I have a new vegan snackbox on order which I will share with you guys as soon as it arrives! Thanks for reading as always



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