Crust Pizza & St Patrick’s Day

Hey guys!

So I realised I haven’t posted anything since my March My Little Box unboxing. For anyone who’s read my About Me you’ll know I’m currently studying for an MA in International Journalism so I’ve had quite a lot of uni work to get through this last week. Now I’m not going to lie originally I planned this post to be completely about St Patrick’s Day and how Liverpool, the city I’m from, celebrates it. Except honestly guys I had a few drinks too many and just didn’t take pictures like I planned!  St Patrick’s Day is a pretty big event in Liverpool as I’m sure it is in many places outside of Ireland. Though from what I’ve learnt from people I’ve met at university who are from outside of Liverpool, no where in England has quite a good time celebrating it as us scousers. A huge part of that is probably because of the massive student population in Liverpool which attracts a lot of Irish students. Another reason is probably because of Liverpool’s Irish heritage. Honestly go out in Liverpool on St Patrick’s Day and you’ll hear a million and one stories about how someone is Irish because they’re cousin’s, auntie’s, uncle’s, twice removed brother in law is Irish. Ha. But in all honesty most people can trace their ancestors back to Ireland, myself included. One of my best friends is from Belfast so celebrating St Patrick’s Day is a tradition for me now even if she is living in Vegas (super jealous) at the moment. But honestly if you’re ever looking for a place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in England then you should definitely consider Liverpool. The atmosphere is always so friendly and everywhere has a kind of festival feel especially when the sun is out like this year. Usually people go to O’Neills for an Irish breakfast and then go out drinking from like 12pm, some hard core people even start earlier. Be warned though, come about 12, unless you’re willing to queue up for around an hour, O’Neills is pretty much inaccessible (I did want to get a photo of the queue but yeah, drunk Abbie). From there an obligatory pint of Guinness in Woody’s karaoke bar is a must and from there Concert Square. Also can I point out to those who aren’t from Liverpool, this is the only time drinking in Concert Square is acceptable! Any other time of year save your money and spend it in the bars on Wood street or the Albert Dock if fancy bars are more your thing. From about 5pm onwards most people go for a nap, refresh, shower and change and then go into town for the night time antics. It doesn’t really matter where as everywhere will have some sort of party and drinks promotions on!

St Patrick’s Day is also a big event for me because it is also my anniversary! Yesterday marked 6 amazing years with my beautiful boyfriend but don’t worry guys I haven’t forgot what I said in my Mother’s Day post, the cheese stops there. Well actually maybe we should talk about a different type of cheese- the vegan cheese at Crust pizza! Now I know to most people who aren’t interested in vegan or dairy food this pizza doesn’t look that great. I posted it on my Facebook to which my meat eater friends all protested at how it either doesn’t look like pizza, it looks burnt or it looks like something from Mordor (LOL). Honestly though never judge a book by its cover because this pizza tastes like heaven. First I’ll explain the black dough- Crust offer a variety of freshly made pizza bases one of which is this black dough which is made from vegetable charcoal, which in itself is thought to have many health benefits. I find it gives the pizza a nice smokey kick and hey if I I can kid myself that it makes my unhealthy pizza just a little bit healthier I’ll take it. As far as I know Crust is the only pizza place in Liverpool who offer this dough at the moment- correct me if I’m wrong by all means! Their tomato base is something else, I’ve honestly ate a pizza from Crust with no cheese before and still loved it. Now I will say Crust don’t make it glaringly obvious they offer a vegan cheese, I’ve been here countless times with my Dad and have had no idea. It was only when I was reading Trip Advisor and saw a review stating how amazing it was that they offered a vegan cheese alternative. We all know vegan cheese is not quite at the gooey, melting level of regular cheese so that’s also why it looks a bit weird but again don’t let the picture fool you. It tasted so like regular mozzarella that I actually had to double check that I’d ordered the vegan alternative. A regular mozzarella & cheese pizza prices in at £5. The vegan cheese is £1.50 extra as is the black dough, bringing my pizza to a total of £8. Considering each pizza is freshly made and fills you up for pretty much the entire day I would say it is well worth the price!


For any meat eaters who aren’t yet convinced, above are pictures of my dad and boyfriends pizzas- both with meat and both with regular cheese.

All in all I had an amazing St Patrick’s Day/anniversary. I had some awesome vegan friendly pizza and got very merry with my boyfriend. So how about you? Did you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? Does your town celebrate in style? Or maybe you know of even better vegan pizza in Liverpool? Drop me a comment in the box below and I’d love to hear it! 🙂


Crust pizza is situated at 25 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4DN  


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