Mother’s Day

When I was younger Facebook wasn’t really a thing for my generation, well for my generation in the UK at least. MySpace was my thing and I embraced the scene queen image whole heartedly (PC4PC yeah?) spamming my bulletin board with tons of cheesy and soppy posts. I liked cheese, I embraced it, yet as I’ve gotten older I’ve changed. These days anyone who knows me knows I’m not one for soppy displays of affection via social media. Call me an old woman but it kind of frightens me how dependent on social media society has become, why tell someone how much they’re appreciated in person when you can just tag them on Facebook? 

Yet on days like today I make an exception. My cousin posted an absolutely beautiful status about his mum, my Aunty, today and it really made me smile. Like myself my cousin is definitely NOT a soppy status kind of guy and he made the point that although he doesn’t usually do this kind of thing, today he would make an exception. He then went on to say how he can and does tell his mum every day how much he appreciates her but today is a day where he can share the beautiful person his mother is with the world. And it made me smile. So that’s what I did, cheesy status, obligatory photos and all.

My mum is the best and I know everyone will think that of their own mums but in my eyes she really is. I’m fortunate to have a really good relationship with my family and especially with my parents and sister. They’re my rocks and my mum has always been one of my best friends ever since I was a little girl. From giving me courage when I was scared, strength when I had a brief ordeal with bullies, consoling me through my teenage heartaches and grief and to always encouraging me to be the best version of me I can be. I suffer with health anxiety and I don’t say that lightly. Yet my mum never gets mad when I ring her at all hours of the night panicking about a random spot on my arm. She gives me strength and safety, I am just blessed to have such an amazing mum. So today was my day to just show off to the world how amazing my mum is. That and enjoy a delicious (mostly) meal with her, my dad and sister.

So I guess my point is soppy statuses aren’t always a bad thing and days like Mother’s and Father’s Day don’t have to have the negative stigma of ‘just another commercial holiday’. Yes you should tell those you love how much they mean to you everyday but why not, on one day every year, show not only them but the world how beautiful those people are? If you can brag about a new car or watch or various other material things then why shouldn’t we show off the things that money can’t buy?


 My yummy courgette fries:

A promising salad that was unfortunately let down by just a bit too much hot olive oil :(. I should probably also point out here that this was a tapas dinner so I also had one more dish of chargrilled tender stem broccoli with ginger and chilli jux but that got devoured before the thought of taking a picture even came in to my mind:

And finally my sister, my beautiful mummy and yours truly (really bad picture I was far too hungover because yeah, Saturday nights) :



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